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The World of Omnia

New Ivy Port, Minnaar

Welcome to Omnia, a roleplay fantasy world custom created by our wonderful Dungeon Master team, everything Omnia related can be found here, and we're beyond glad to have you join us on this adventure!

The World of Omnia takes place in Minecraft Java Edition and is on version 1.16.5 & our IP is

Omnia has an official Discord for all players found here:

What is Omnia?

New Ivyport at Night

Taking place in the world of Omnia on the continents of Minnaar and Verloren, this world is full of battles, fantastic races, custom cultures, and the mysterious.

The current year is 997 P.E., also known as "Post Emergence" which is when the Leviathan Goddess Shesha ripped through a crack in Omnia's ocean depths and took up residence in the oceans surrounding the twin islands. With her she brought the elusive Morian, a race of aquatic humanoids that inhabit the reefs just below the water's surface.

Due to Shesha's emergence and her unfaltering rage the islands of Minnaar and Verloren are completely isolated from the rest of the world, as the Leviathan Goddess prevents any ships from leaving or entering the region. In addition to this the inhabitants of the Islands refer to the entirety of their known world as Omnia.

Other races in Omnia include the Dwarves, Elves, Humans, and Ashavan. These races are all unique and offer a plethora of reasons to indulge yourself in their cultures. These races are spread far and wide across both Verloren and Minnaar, settling down in the wide range of towns, cities, and kingdoms dotting the land.

When you first arrive in Omnia you will be in New Ivy Port, a town placed on the Verlorian cost of Minnaar just against the channel that separates the two lands. Ivy Port works as a melting pot of races and cultures. Surrounded by vast farmlands, New Ivy Port is a hub for trade and industry. All are welcomed in this town, though the call of the settlements that lie beyond Ivy Ports walls call to most adventurers and beckons them to travel into the unforgiving wilderness.


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